I Lured Her with Food

4 Apr

One of the most effective way to reach out to someone that is angry and closed off to you is to invite them out for dinner. It works every time! In the past week I’ve taken two children out for lunch and had an amazing time. One of the girls was Danielle. She’s always very busy these days doing drugs I hardly ever hear a peep out of her. Numerous times I have texted and called her but she does not reply. However, I caught her at a time she must have been hungry and she finally reciprocated my attempt to communicate. It’s pretty sad that my own child uses me for food and money but I don’t care at all. I’m so grateful to find a crack in the seal.Like the intricate design of the car, capable of denying rain from penetrating every inch of the windows and doors, she keeps us out. We went out to eat and had such a great time together! It was so much fun that neither one of us wanted it to end…..stayed there for 6 hours. Food is a great motivator for everyone and the restaurant setting facilitates conversation and emotional connection.


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