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Danielle Never Met Her Brother Because Mom Killed Him…

24 Mar


Danielle drew this self-portrait at the age of ten

She is not afraid because someone is attempting to break in to the house, worse yet, someone called “mom” is pouring blazing hot oil on her back, right in her own home. In fact, over five children per day are being killed at the hands of their parent (s). Cameron died at the age of two, his sister was born a year later, and she never had the privilege of meeting him but she met his mother and boyfriend, they gave life to her. “Danielle” the sister he never met, soon became their next target.

Wendy and her boyfriend Kinson were frustrated by his constant crying; he was in a lot of pain after coming home from the hospital. Cameron had recovered just enough from the first murder attempt but our local Department of Social Services allowed him to return to mom without counseling, evaluation or help. In fact, the grandmother begged DSS not to let the boy go back to his mother. If that’s not enough to convince you of injustice; Wendy, the boy’s mother even mentioned that she had serious mental health issues and previously had abused animals when she was a child. I believe she was indirectly saying that she was not capable of taking care of that little boy. The doctors at the hospital provided statements indicating the child had been intentionally burned with hot cooking oil from head to toe. These criminal facts did not stop the local caseworker from sending little Cameron back to his murderers. He died in his crib, less than a month after DSS  shipped him back into the home.

I am Danielle’s adoptive mother, I was at the doctor’s office one morning and my mother in law was babysitting Danielle. I was bored in the waiting room so I picked up the newspaper and read the headlines: “Woman Admits to Killing Her Son”. It was an article about the confession; there were intimate details about Wendy’s life and the murder of her two-year old son. Initially, I thought it was an article about some stranger in a faraway place. As I read on, it was evident that this was MY daughter’s birth mom! This was the how I discovered the details about Danielle’s previous family. I was shocked and saddened by this information!

I went home to pick Danielle up from her Gram’s; as I approached the door of her home, I saw Danielle on the front porch reading the morning newspaper! Since when did she ever find interest in the local news?! She was mortified and afraid, it was obvious she had read the article, so I calmly asked “How do you feel about all that”? “I’m afraid”. She replied. “Afraid of what?” I said. “I don’t want people to know she is my mom”. Danielle said. “Oh, don’t worry, you have a new last name and nobody will know” I replied. Her father and I have been dealing with the aftermath of that shock plus the abuse and neglect she experienced with her biological mother and foster parents for years now; that was just a small fragment of pain.

At the age of eight, we gave her a safe home and a loving family; that wasn’t enough so I took her to therapy, doctors, hospitals, clinics and churches for years. Currently, Danielle is now 18 years old; she has been permanently dismissed from two local school districts for behavior and truancy. She is addicted to pills and heroine; she has already been arrested, she has been hospitalized a couple of times, she lives in poverty, and has no friends; just people that she buys and sells drugs to. Danielle is the master of manipulation; she has ruined the reputation of our entire family bloodline throughout the years of destruction. We’ve had numerous encounters with the police, social workers and Child Protective Services. Danielle has falsely accused me and her father of many imaginary crimes. We’ve had authorities invade our privacy each time she didn’t like our household rules. She is a chronic thief and liar but I truly love her. I can’t explain how much love and concern I still have for a girl that has put our family through constant abuse and chaos. The only thing that I can attest for is this: her early childhood memories are so incredibly severe that she has chosen to cut them off entirely. She lives in a world of pretend: “Pretend those horrible things didn’t happen to me so that I don’t have to remember the pain”. Image

This is a doll they sent with her when foster care first placed Danielle in our home for adoption at age eight

This is not an unusual story, murder and abuse happens every day to children all over America. The last time statistics were reported, over five children per day die at the hands of their parents. (US Department of Health and Human Services) Cameron’s caseworker, CPS and the local Dept. of Family Services were never investigated or held responsible for the death of that precious two-year old boy till this day! I often wonder how many more counties around the U.S. get away with manslaughter and abuse. It’s very evident that the county was negligent in this one small case, I want to know who can help me advocate for the thousands of children here in America that are in the same situation. I’m just a mother, I never went to school for law; all I wanted was to take care of children that needed a loving mom.

Today I decided to check out the internet to see if there were any online news stories in regard to Wendy Smiley’s confession in order to confirm the accuracy of this article I wrote. Surprisingly, I found an article with information I was totally unaware of. For the past ten years, nobody knew what type of specific abuse my daughter encountered before we met her. She had refused to acknowledge any of her past entirely. Danielle was a sealed vault at all her therapy sessions, not one time has she ever given us even a clue about any abuse. Her choice to keep her abuse a secret is devastating because it has been keeping her locked up in a dark and painful world. Also, her internal feelings have made her angry at her father and I, she has taken her anger out on us constantly and ruthlessly all these years. My patience and love for her was always being challenged and she took me to my limits but I kept telling myself, something very terrible must have happened in her previous life. Today I finally discovered the truth about Danielle and her sibling’s abuse and it’s worse than I ever imagined. Below are a few excerpts from The Daily Star, The Newspaper for the Heartland of New York:

 “(birth mom) She said, “Cameron was suffering from burns (that she later admitted to inflicting). He was crying all the time and getting on my nerves.” “It got very bad, and I couldn’t take it anymore.” “Kinson and I had discussed taking his life from him.” “Cameron was in his bedroom, playing with his toys.” “I went in and laid him on the bed and punched him in the stomach three times,” she said… According to court documents, Simley told State Police Investigators Timothy Allan and James Greenwood, “People should know I would do something like this because I used to kill and mutilate animals.” She also said, “The state took my other children away because I beat the hell out of them.”… Simley also told officials that she had tried drowning Cameron before the burning incident. She also said she tried drowning her other three children. She said all of her children were taken away from her and eventually adopted. ” (Breaky 2005)

I’m not a detective, investigator or forensic scientist but common sense tells me that a few agencies should be held accountable for neglecting to prevent the death of Cameron plus severe abuse Wendy later inflicted upon her other three children. For starters, Cameron should NEVER have been placed back with Wendy the first time she tried to kill the two-year old with hot oil! The Daily Star seems to have the same school of thought:

“What we’ve learned since her onslaught of remorse is sickening, especially when you realize that the death and suffering of children could have been prevented. After Cameron’s death, Simley returned to Syracuse where she had three more children, which were taken away from her because she “beat the hell out of them,” she confessed. …she (Wendy Simley) admitted intentionally burning Cameron with grease, causing burns on 70 percent of his body. Doctors and neighbors called the state child-abuse hot line, according to Simley’s step-mother, who said she also called the hot line and the Delaware County Department of Social Services about other evidence of abuse such as pinching and punching. The burns were suffered two months before the fatal beatings. Where was the intervention that could have saved Cameron’s life?… We don’t know how much clearer the evidence of abuse has to be. The system obviously failed to protect Cameron from a mother who was not fit to be responsible for a child’s welfare…” (The Daily Star June 16, 2005)


This is what Danielle wrote when I asked her to reflect about her feelings after reading about Wendy’s confession.

I’m looking for attorneys, and other professionals with knowledge and motivation to help me advocate for the thousands of children here in America that are in the same situation. Perhaps the first step would be to sue the Delaware County agencies that failed to rescue Cameron. It seems apparent that it would be easy to hold them accountable; they have no defense or excuse. By suing these agencies, perhaps the case would get major press coverage and other people from all over the U.S. will begin to share similar encounters with faulty government agencies related to child protection and welfare.

Can you help me? I’m just an adoptive mother that is angry with our current system, I do not have a law degree but I do have intense motivation and communication skills, together we could connect with other sources that will assist us. The Simley case is not an isolated event, I’ve worked for Children’s rescue homes off and on during this past decade, I’ve seen firsthand, numerous other cases of negligence by caseworkers in Child Protective Services and foster care. I’m not going away, this will be my legacy: She liberated thousands of children from abuse all over America and many more will be safe in future generations.

I would appreciate any comments that could direct my crusade.

Kind Regards,

Danielle’s mom


This is a card she gave me, occasionally Danielle would let her guard down and show her love for me.

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